Resource Page for Liberty LNG Port

Some background and recent stories/resources for info on the Liberty Port Ambrose LNG facility:

Liberty’s LNG Port Ambrose summary with maps

What are the chances that Liberty’s LNG port could become an export facility?

Submitted comments dealing with terrorist risk.


Clean Ocean Action: The Project that Rose From the Dead

CARP: First it was the gas. Then it was the pipelines. Now it’s LNG.

Sex and Politics radio show with Sean Dixon of Clean Ocean Action

Business Day: Shell’s Floating LNG Export Terminal (What could be planned down the line, once this port is in place)

Bloomberg Businessweek: Exxon Expects Australia Floating LNG Project Start by ’21 (Another floating LNG  facility)

Gotham Gazette: Groups Call for More Public Input on Proposed Deepwater Gas Port Off NY Coast

Concerned Citizens of Montauk: Big Industry to Industrialize the Atlantic Ocean (a history of Liberty’s earlier attempts at a port in NY)

Atlantic Highlands Herald: What happened last time Liberty attempted a port off NJ

CNN Money: US Steps up Exports (what the longterm intentions are).

Wikipedia on The Bight (the geological area/marine habitat the area between NY/NJ is known as)

And finally, our favorite, from Energy Global: Building Public Support for LNG Projects (advice to developers from a PR dude on how to overcome “NIMBY” opposition).

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