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Reportback: FERC rally in DC

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The march on FERC headquarters was a resounding (if soggy) success! For the full summary and lots of great photos, click here!

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The Regulatory Trap

Excerpt from the CELDF Democracy School: 1. The regulatory system guarantees that the environment will be damaged, that the system actually permits it to occur, and that the system is built to recognize certain constitutional constraints. 2. Our “engaging in the regulatory … Continue reading

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FERC and the Regulatory Trap

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By Citizen Sane (John Trallo) Reposted with permission  The oil and gas industry, as they work towards turning North America into a ‘third-world’ style extraction colony, is now in the process of expanding their pipeline infrastructure on an unprecedented scale. The agency that … Continue reading

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June 2014 Reportback

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June was a time to hit the road AND the streets for Sane, with outdoor events in Long Beach, Westchester, the city’s harbor and West Village. Indoors, we testified at a City Council hearing and continued putting final touches on our Mapping … Continue reading

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Will Casino Deal Open New York to Fracking?

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Bottom line: Yes, it could. As of today, June 30, 2014, land within Madison and Oneida counties (just east of Syracuse) that is owned by the Oneida Indian Nation becomes eligible for conversion to federal “Trust” land and subject to Bureau of … Continue reading

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Keep the Radon Bill Moving Along!

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UPDATE, June 20: Unfortunately, the radon bill did not reach a floor vote this legislative session, which closed today. But we’ll get it next year! While we were hopeful, it would have been a long shot to pass a bill so easily. The coming … Continue reading

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Know Your Adversary

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How tax subsidies fuel Spectra Energy’s dark energy future By Owen Crowley Market Realist recently ran an excellent, must-read investor’s guide to Spectra Energy. This report describes Spectra’s corporate structure and details Spectra Energy (SE) and affiliates’ plans to build out gathering, … Continue reading

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May 2014 Reportback

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Following April’s heavy schedule of Earth Day activities, May was a time to plan future events, as well as get out there in the great Spring weather to table and talk. It was a media-centric month, including the taping of two TV … Continue reading

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The Photo Booth Project

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The Photo Booth Project is a stealth meme campaign for renewables. Who knows where these photos may show up, or when, or where they’ll be taken. Want in? Tweet @renewableby2030! (Love, thanks and sane energy to all the participants!) Photography by Erik McGregor, Backdrop … Continue reading

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Good News Bulletin: A Major Win Against FERC

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A decision issued by the U.S. Court of Appeals on June 6, 2014 could have far-reaching and positive effect on the future of pipeline and infrastructure build out in America. The case involves the Northeast Upgrade Project (NEUP), a series of four … Continue reading

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