Is the LNG Port a Terrorist Target?

One thing to consider, as you submit your public comments on the Liberty LNG port (due Thursday, August 22nd), is how much risk the port adds to New York City as an already coveted terrorist target. One wondrous thing we have noticed, while out on the beaches leafletting these past few weekends, is how low the planes landing at JFK fly, and how their flight paths intersect with the proposed location of the port. It really seems to us that a wind farm in that location is simply a much safer bet to power NYC in the future.

lng kim mapThe other thing that gave us chills was a report by the Council on Foreign Relations, which described numerous ways LNG tankers and ports are terrorist risks. Let’s see, there’s ramming, mines, missiles, rocket-propelled grenades, air strikes, triggered explosions, and hijacking–oh my!

Sane Energy Project submitted several excerpts from that report as public comment. These were meant to be read aloud at the July hearing in Long beach but time was cut short, owing to the packed and un-air-conditioned room of 500 citizens who also wished to testify. We hope that all of those folks and all of the folks we met on the beach recently, who expressed shock and outrage that this proposal threatened their beloved beaches, have taken the time to call Governor Cuomo  (518) 474-8390 and demand he veto the port.

This is one project that CAN be stopped. Let’s make sure it is.

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