The LNG Threat Expands

Although fracking seems at a stalemate in NYS, that doesn’t mean the drillers are at a standstill. They are working hard to get the related infrastructure in place: the pipelines, the storage facilities, the compressor stations, and, gee, you know what would be awfully helpful? A lifting of the defacto moratorium on LNG that has been in place.

This is potentially AS BIG A DEAL as the DEC fracking regs that we all spent the better part of 3 years fighting. Only this time frame is much, much shorter and immediate. Please spread the word and participate in the resistance against LNG projects.

Right now, there are 3 related LNG (Liquified Natural Gas) threats to New York State:
1) They’re trying to build a storage center/ gas hub on Seneca Lake;
2) The DEC is writing new regulations that will allow for storage and transport all over the state.
3) In NYC, they’re trying to build a marine LNG port off Jones beach and the Rockaways (map below)

lng kim map

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