Spectra update: gas to turn on

The Spectra pipeline, is at a crucial juncture: Today, FERC granted permission for Spectra and Con Ed to begin turning on the gas, and the pipeline will be fully operational by November 1st. Of course, there are still two legal actions against the project awaiting court dates. On Saturday, October 19th, following a rally earlier in the day, we’ll have a procession to the site and a mindful meditation.

Meanwhile, Spectra is expanding its entire south-to-north lines, extending its Texas Eastern line through Connecticut and New England, springing an enlargement of its AIM line on an unsuspecting public in Putnam, Rockland and Westchester counties, with plans to drill a pipeline under the Hudson near Indian Point.

We’ll be posting details about all these issues as soon as possible. Gear up and stay with us, this is gong to be an interesting ride!

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