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Since 2013, Sane Energy Project has been infused with a blast of new energy from our two young coordinators, Kim Fraczek and Patrick Robbins. We are thrilled to announce that they are now stepping into a leadership position: As of today, July 1, they will take on the role of Co-Directors at Sane Energy Project. Clare Donohue will move into a position as Senior Advisor. Kevin O’Keeffe will continue as Long Island Volunteer Coordinator.

We look forward to continuing the great work we’ve been doing with you, and thank you for all your participation. This is an exciting and joyful change that we hope you will celebrate with us!

Going forward, if you have an event or sign-on letter you’d like co-sponsors for, or questions about Sane, or just want to say hello, Kim and Patrick can be reached by emailing them at:

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One Response to Announcement!

  1. markohe says:

    Thanks for this exciting news. It’s been good to have the people at Sane Energy Project on our side all these years. Keep up the good work!

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