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This week, work on expanding the Spectra Pipeline and the Millennium Pipeline continue. It’s a disaster for our health, safety and democracy. But we know that PEOPLE POWER is why campaigns win, even when it feels like the darkest hour.

Spectra Pipeline. They’re back.

What is going on?


Click HERE to read Resist Spectra’s Statement of today.


Spectra Energy is proceeding with their illegally segmented “Algonquin” Pipeline expansion project that stretches from Stony Point, NY passing Indian Point Nuclear Power Plant and through Massachusetts and beyond for Canadian export of fracked gas. Starting October 1, 2017, Spectra Energy can legally begin to cut and clear trees to prepare for pipeline construction.

Locals close to the proximity of the pipeline right of way should expect heavy machinery to be in their neighborhoods, cutting and clearing the last remaining wild spaces in the path of construction. 


The massive expansion was intentionally broken up into three projects to avoid having to report cumulative impacts to our health and safety. (click pic below for a quick video explanation) The approval by the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission is being challenged in Federal Court on October 19, 2017 in Washington DC. 



Read is the official statement HERE from the Resist Spectra Coordinator Team on the many facets of the campaign, and how YOU can plug into direct action, attending court as a peaceful support observer, praying with the growing faith group, make scripted phone calls, help with community presentations and more.




CPV Power Plant and the Millennium Pipeline. How can I help?

TWO dates to mark down.



The Orange County Legislature will VOTE on TWO resolutions about the CPV Valley Power Plant. One sponsored by Democrats the other sponsored by Republicans. Ths will enable the issue of CPV to be placed on the agenda and public comments will be allowed. This is an important opportunity to voice your opposition to the corrupt power plant project that risks the health and safety of everyone in the county. We believe both resolutions should be passed. While both are weaker than one we proposed in July, it’s a start. You can see all three on the website protectorangecounty.org. Come and tell our legislatures how you feel about CPV!!!

1. Republican Led Resolution (On the Agenda): Supports NYSDEC authority (states rights) over FERC’s (federal rights) to deny the water quality permit for this project.

2. Democratic Led Resolution (Will be brought to the floor by Consent): Asks for further review before the project becomes operational by A.) The NY State Health Commissioner in regards to human health and safety. B.) The NY State Attorney General for corruption, improper lobbying, and bribery.




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