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Our goal at Sane Energy Project is to replace shale gas infrastructure with renewable infrastructure. 

We oppose the development, transport and export of fracked shale gas (“natural gas”).
We support a rapid switch to renewable energy and the goal of zero fossil fuel dependence by 2030, as outlined by the 2009 Stanford University study.

Sane Energy Project is a grassroots group, formed in January of 2011 to oppose The Spectra Pipeline, the first of several high-pressure, large diameter shale gas pipelines slated to enter New York City. Today we have enlarged that mission to include shale gas infrastructure statewide and regionally. We stand in solidarity with activists fighting all forms of extreme extraction and nuclear energy.

Here’s a summary of our current programs.

We are allied with many activist groups in New York City and statewide, battling fracking and shale gas development. We were one of the main forces behind the formation of the NYC Grassroots Alliance, NYGRASS and the Northeast Pipeline group. We’re a small but effective group, with a core leadership of 5 people, and a membership of about 5,000. Our volunteers work tirelessly to get the word out–leafletting, gathering petition signatures, meeting with community groups and elected officials. Please join us.

And thank you for supporting our efforts!

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