Sane Energy Project is dedicated to a vision of a 100% renewable energy New York City and New York State. For that vision to become a reality, we need strong grassroots momentum that calls for a rethinking of our energy system from the bottom up – replacing the current drive to build shale gas infrastructure with a drive to build renewable infrastructure.

We work to build that momentum in three main areas:

 1) Awareness   We work to:

  • Alert the public and elected officials to the risks that shale gas infrastructure poses to climate, public health, regional character, economies and ecosystems, as well as the non-democratic way shale gas infrastructure is reviewed and rubberstamped by agencies such as the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission.
  • Spread the facts about renewable energy and the role that emerging technologies such as offshore wind power and distributed microgrids could play in the health, climate, economy and well-being of all New Yorkers.

2) Attitudes   We aim to:

  •  Connect the consequences of shale gas infrastructure to the every day experiences of people all over the state, changing attitudes by showing how real people are already being put in harm’s way by the shale gas industry and amplifying their voices.
  •  Reinforce the understanding that a rapid switch to renewable energy is not only possible, but under way, and reaching “beyond the choir” to grow support for this switch among a wide range of constituents.
  • Create a groundswell of citizen outrage at a rigged infrastructure review process that is a distortion of our democracy.

3) Action   We empower communities to lead, not to be led.

We work to impact behavior both at the structural level – by changing policy – and at the community level, by encouraging deeper engagement in the energy decisions that impact our lives. Throughout this work, we are committed to respectful, collaborative and bottom-up organizing. We want newcomers and longtime members to feel confident in their ability to make change, and encourage increasing levels of participation – from signing a petition to attending a community meeting or building artwork, to joining rallies or marches, testifying at hearings or leafleting, and ultimately to organizing neighbors and campaigns.

We strive to instill this work with joy. Our motto is, “Have fun, Change the world!”


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