Our Team

 Co-Directors, Kim Fraczek and Patrick Robbins, lead our team and handle the day-to-day running of Sane Energy Project. Please contact them if you have an event or sign-on letter you would like co-sponsorship for, have a question, or want to volunteer.

Co-Director, Kim Fraczek has a background in both corporate Creative Direction and in social justice. She co-founded Sane Energy’s allied group Occupy the Pipeline (OTP), which was active from 2012 through 2014. Sane and OTP together created an efficient team fighting Spectra’s NY-NJ Expansion pipeline, with Sane focusing on engagement of agencies and officials, while OTP established itself as a creative education and direct-action front producing smart street performances, art and music-filled rallies and marches, and direct actions that garnered significant media attention. Kim continues to spearhead the imaginative strategy side of campaigns and helps direct movements toward their goals with community and joy. She is committed to using art as a tool for social engagement, and has brought a wise and considerate hand to all of our ongoing campaigns. Emailkim@saneenergyproject.org


Co-Director, Patrick Robbins has a background in Climate Change and Communications, and has worked at this intersection in a variety of roles – from the press liaison for Occupy the Pipeline, where he gained coverage for their actions in The Guardian and many other publications, to working as a Campaign Coordinator on the Emmy-nominated climate change Showtime series Years of Living Dangerously, where he was responsible for structuring engagement campaigns and choosing targets on the basis of messaging and impact. His written work has been featured in The Huffington Post, Capital New York and Naomi Klein’s blog. Over the last year, Patrick was deeply engaged in organizing Long Island communities to stand up to Port Ambroseand rallied residents, community groups and local elected officials to oppose the project, ultimately succeeding in winning Governor Cuomo’sveto of the Port Ambrose project in November 2015. His particular areas of strength and interest include communications and strategy, and these are the areas he focuses on in his work with Sane Energy Project. Email: patrick@saneenergyproject.org


Long Island Volunteer Coordinator, Kevin Gerard joined our team after meeting us at our booth at The Clearwater Festival, where he’d spent weeks as a volunteer setting up and tearing down the annual concert. He calls himself a “chronic volunteer” and since connecting with Sane he has led the development of a nascent grassroots team in Nassau and Suffolk counties fighting the Port Ambrose project.  Email: nolng4ny@gmail.com

Senior Advisor, Clare Donohue, is a kitchen and bath designer living a secret life as an activist. She grew up in the Catskills and became involved in the anti-fracking movement shortly after learning about plans for drilling near her hometown. Two months later, she learned of plans to build the Spectra pipeline and called a meeting of like-minded activists, who soon formed Sane Energy Project. Her naturally geeky tendencies are put to good use digging deep into research about pipelines and such. She agrees wholeheartedly with Emma Goldman on dancing. Email: clare@saneenergyproject.org

Advisor, Elliot Figman, a resident of the neighborhood immediately affected by the Spectra pipeline, was an early supporter of Sane Energy Project and later joined the leadership team. As the Executive Director of Poets & Writers, the nation’s largest nonprofit organization serving creative writers, Elliot has brought his experience to bear in helping Sane grow and flourish. As a published author, he contributes editorial and writing skills, is our designated tweeter, and sometime performer. His big thing is, “I want to stop climate change.”

Erik McGregor is our (and many other groups’) de facto staff photographer, having taken most of the photos on this page.  erikrivas@hotmail.com

kim erik

There are so many others who’ve been informally part of our team since we formed, and we are grateful to everyone who has partnered in any and all of our efforts. Thanks to all!


3 Responses to Our Team

  1. Good info. Wish I’d been in touch a year ago. Port Ambrose LNG is on hold, then? What about the wind farm?

  2. Stopping the fossil fuel infrastructure buildout is definitely the thing. But the consciousness of the people has to be lifted up. We don’t have a clear enough view of the future to see how vital our opportunity to change is now.

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