Pipelines and Infrastructure

Sane Energy Project is the “go-to” group for information about shale gas infrastructure.
For fast reference, click the links below for:
• A summary of proposed projects
• A summary of operational projects

Click here for info about the track records of major pipeline builders and the agencies responsible for their review.

Keep up with breaking news about hearings, comment deadlines and other important notices on the YOU ARE HERE facebook page.

To see the bigger picture of the infrastructure network in New York, Pennsylvania–and soon, the northeast – check out our YOU ARE HERE interactive online map, created by  Sane Energy Project in collaboration with dozens of grassroots allies. Find a project, then zoom in, and click the relevant “dot” to learn the current status and connect with the local group that’s fighting it. The map shows more than 137 pipelines, compressor stations, frack waste or storage facilities that are proposed, under construction or already in operation.

Since the launch of the map during the People’s Climate March, in 2014, Sane Energy Project and allies have hosted dozens of forums statewide that use the map to demonstrate relevant local projects and spur citizen action. Email us if you would like to discuss hosting a forum: kim@saneenergyproject.org






6 Responses to Pipelines and Infrastructure

  1. clarity says:

    Paul, please go to http://youareherenymap.org and let’s definitely collaborate!

  2. Paul Baines says:

    yes – would love to see the map when ready – we’ve been working on a map too – to protect the Great Lakes as a shared commons – maybe we should collaborate? http://www.GreatLakesCommonsMap.org

  3. clarity says:

    Thanks Kevin! Donations are always appreciated, just click the “donate” link above to be directed to a tax deductible online payment center. Donations of time are also appreciated and most of what we do is with volunteers who deserve all of our gratitude!

  4. kevingoneill says:

    This is wonderful extraordinarily helpful work, Sane Energy Project! Please let us all know where and how to contribute what amounts of money and/or other resources to help you and your friends keep after this vital work and to spread the word about all these insidious invidious pollution monstrosity fracking pipeline projects to more and more of our fellow New Yorkers, to our neighboring impacted states and to the nation and planet at large. Thanks!

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