Operational Projects

The following projects are new as of 2013. A complete map of existing older NYS pipelines and other infrastructure can be seen at YOU ARE HERE.

The Spectra Pipeline, Manhattan
FERC Docket No. CP11-56-000
Status: In operation as of November 2013.
Lawsuit dismissed for lack of standing.
In May, 2015, the New Whitney Museum of Art opened on top of the vault to the pipeline, on Gansevoort Street in the West Village.

Minisink Compressor Station
FERC Docket Number: CP11-515-000
Status: In operation as of Spring, 2013.
Federal judges ruled against the community.
Many of the families of Minisink have fallen ill, moved away or are abandoning their homes, unable to continue living with the emissions.  

The Rockaway Lateral, Brooklyn/Queens
FERC Docket Number: CP13-36-000
Status: In operation as of May, 2015.
Most of the residents of the Rockaway peninsula learned of the pipeline far too late–only when it began construction, having been literally in the dark and then focused on rebuilding from Sandy when the project was under review and later approved. 




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