Proposed Projects

These are not the only proposed infrastructure projects in New York State; there are many more. These are the projects we have been able to identify as having an activated citizen resistance. See the You Are Here map for a more complete overview of existing and proposed projects.

Metro Area Projects

AIM (Algonquin Incremental Market) Pipeline
Three NY counties: Westchester, Rockland, Putnam, plus PA, RI & CT
FERC Docket number: CP14-96-000
Builder: Algonquin (Subsidiary of Spectra Energy)
Status: Approved. Construction is underway. Resistance continues.
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More info.

Central NY Area Projects

Constitution Pipeline
Four NY counties: Broome, Chenango, Delaware, Schoharie; Plus PA
FERC Docket Number: CP13-499-000
Builder: Williams
Status: DEFEATED when the DEC denied the 401 Water Quality Certificate.
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Direct map link.

NED (Northeast Energy Direct)
Four States: PA, NY, MA, NH
Would have run along a nearly identical pathway as the Constitution.
FERC Docket Number: PF14-22
Builder: Kinder Morgan (via subsidiary TGP)
Status: DEFEATED. Builder “indefinitely suspended”  the project.
Direct map link.

Dominion New Market Project
Impacts nearly 200 miles of New York State.
FERC Docket Number: CP14-497
Builder: Dominion
Status: FERC approved. Eleven towns have passed resolutions opposing the project.
More info.

Finger Lakes Area Projects

Seneca Lake Gas Storage Watkins Glen
FERC Docket number: CP13-83-000
Builder: Crestwood
Status: FERC approved one portion. DEC permit required for second portion. Resistance continues.
More Info.
Direct map link. 

Catskill Area Projects

Highland (Eldred) Compressor Station Western Sullivan County
FERC Docket Number: PF16-3
Status: Awaiting FERC environmental review
More info.
Map link

CPV Power Plant and related pipelines and compressors: Orange County
Status: Power plant under construction; additional infrastructure in review
Map link


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