Pilgrim Oil Pipeline / “Bomb” Trains / Oil Barges

Background: These related but separate projects involve the transportation of crude oil in the Hudson Valley. The trains and barges are currently running, while the pipeline is proposed as a “safer” way to move crude.
Approximately 600 rail cars per week (30,000 gallons each) come into NY state. Each car holds an explosive potential equivalent to 2 million sticks of dynamite, hence their name.
Nine town resolutions against the Pilgrim pipe have been passed in NY plus at least 24 resolutions in New Jersey.
In May, 2015, the DEC rescinded its decision not to require an environmental impact statement for the proposed expansion of Global Companies’ transfer terminal facility in Albany, which would facilitate the transport of heavy “tar sands” crude oil on the Hudson.
More information on Bomb Trains: The People of Albany United for Safe Energy (PAUSE)
More information about the Pilgrim Pipleine: Citizens for Local Power
More information on oil barges: Riverkeeper

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