Seneca Lake Storage Caverns

Background: There are two types of gas storage proposed for unstable depleted salt caverns at Seneca Lake: the methane portion is overseen by FERC; the LPG (Liquid Petroleum Gas or propane) portion is overseen by the DEC. Seneca Lake is an aquifer for 100,000 people and in danger of becoming salinated or contaminated by the projects, and is at risk for explosion. The Finger Lakes area, a prodigious wine and farming area with a booming tourist economy that would be decimated by the storage caverns, is in the process of being designated a National Heritage Site. 
Two groups are defending the area: We Are Seneca Lake, and Gas Free Seneca.
Unprecedented civil disobedience actions at the site have blockaded operations repeatedly since Fall 2014, resulting in more than 300 arrests. Map.

SS seneca


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