Our Online Interactive Map: You Are Here.

map-pinEven though high-volume horizontal fracturing has been banned in New York State, the invasion of fracking infrastructure is going full tilt. To date, Sane Energy Project has identified more than 137 pipelines, compressor stations, frack waste or storage facilities that are proposed, under construction or in operation.

Now, we have created–in collaboration with dozens of upstate allies, YOU ARE HERE–an interactive online map that allows users to both see the big picture of the shale gas network statewide, and zoom in on their own town, learn the current status of a project, and find a local group that is fighting it. This is a map by citizens, for citizens.

We also collaborate with allies statewide to host forums that use this map to demonstrate relevant local projects and how they connect to the larger pipeline network. Watch a video presentation of the map being used as part of a panel discussion in Brooklyn here.

Please review this useful tool to see what projects exist or are proposed in your community, where your children go to college, where your friends and relatives live. You may be surprised to find a compressor station or pipeline near you. But don’t panic, just click on the dot for that project and a pop-up box will provide a link to local activists who can make sure you are informed and up to speed. And if you see something missing or have feedback to offer, please get in touch here.

Keep up with relevant news, events, comment deadlines and more at the YOU ARE HERE facebook page.

map image


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