Alliance Building

One of our favorite things at Sane Energy Project is building and working in alliance –with other groups, other regions, other causes. Mutual support, bottom-up organizing, respectful relationships, this is how we like to work. We’ve been at the center of the formation of several alliances and we see this work continuing and expanding. 


NYCGA logoThe NYC Grassroots Alliance. After sitting in on each other’s meetings, we noticed that several of our activist friends were working on similar issues. We wanted to keep up with each others activities and avoid double booking events, so we formed the Alliance, a collection of more than 30 groups, and created a Meetup group to manage our joint calendar.  The Alliance meets monthly and welcomes newcomers.

nygrassNYGRASS (GrassRoots Alliance to Save our State). NYGRASS formed at the height of the anti-fracking movement, as a response to calls for moratoriums and regulations. NYGRASS was made up of upstate and downstate New York activists committed to a full ban. This alliance later morphed into the core group that contributed to the creation of the You Are Here map and is now integrated into the NE Pipelines group.

The Northeast Pipelines Group.
Based on our work creating the You Are Here map, we became aware of activists in other states who were also resisting pipelines and shale gas infrastructure. In October of 2014, we called for a day-long conference in Albany, bringing together activists from Maine to New York to discuss ways we could support each other and collaborate in resisting pipelines that cross state lines. The group maintains a very active private listserv.


Logos representing the groups involved in the Northeast Pipelines Group.


foodnotfracking smFood Not Fracking
is not only one of our programs, it’s also an alliance of farmers, fractivists, shopkeepers and food advocates, working to keep New York City’s foodshed safe from toxins and promote a sustainable economy based on healthy local food.

whole banner eSane Energy Project is also a member of several other alliances and steering committees. We actively organized for the People’s Climate March, and continue to work with the PCM movement in NYC post-march. Our co-director, Kim Fraczek, has been the arts coordinator for the Beyond Extreme Energy actions at FERC two years running, and we regularly work with allies in other states.


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