Offshore Wind Power

Take action for “Community Benefit Agreements” in the contract between New York State and Statoil, the developer of the offshore wind farm off the coast of Rockaway/Long Beach.

  • Write a comment HERE to New York State officials notifying them that you want specific language in the NY Offshore Wind Blueprint to include “Community Benefit Agreements”. Contact us if you want help drafting a comment!

In January of 2017, NY Governor Andrew Cuomo made a commitment to purchasing 2400MW of power from Offshore Wind for our state’s energy generation. Now that we have two confirmed offshore wind developments under way in New York State, one, off the coast of Rockaway Peninsula, and the other off Eastern Long Island, and soon to be a third, Sane Energy Project is working toward making sure that any contract that gets signed between New York State and an offshore wind developer is built with an eye toward larger social justice goals, and includes Community Benefit Agreements such as local, union labor, rate-payer protections, marine family protections and sunset clauses on dirty gas and oil peaker plants that cause asthma in our children.

  • Our presentation about Offshore Wind can be found HERE or click picture below.

  • Click here to join the People’s Offshore Wind Task Force for a transition of justice


How does offshore wind benefit the environment?

How does offshore wind benefit our economy and communities?

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We are a member of the WinWindNY coalition, which has published letters to Governor Andrew Cuomo and NYC Mayor De Blasio, urging them to make a strong commitment to offshore wind to help power New York’s transition to 100% renewable energy.

Sometimes, we have to kill the bad ideas before the good ideas can take hold. In January, 2015, we presented this powerpoint to the NY City Council, outlining the advantages of offshore wind over a proposed fossil fuel project, which was later vetoed due to our coalition efforts.

Sane Energy Project and Citizen Action NYC convened a statewide roundtable in the summer of 2015, in which we explored the impacts of offshore wind and strategies for working toward the ultimate goal of bringing offshore wind power to New York State. The findings of that gathering continue to inform our strategy.