Offshore Wind and the Environment

Our oceans are in trouble: acidification from warming ocean temperatures is one of the biggest threats to the marine ecology and the local fishing industry. Transitioning to renewable energies such as offshore wind is a must if we are to preserve these precious resources.

We are committed to building our renewable energy future in a way that cares for ecosystems and does not repeat the mistakes of our extractive energy past. Studies have shown that if built right, offshore wind won’t harm birds, and can actually have several benefits to the environment. Here are just a few relevant resources:

  • Offshore wind power can actually mitigate hurricane intensity and storm surges.
  • Many studies are finding that the bases of offshore wind turbines can act as “artificial reefs” for marine organisms – read more here, here, and here.
  • Many avian advocates are concerned about impacts on migratory bird populations. We share these concerns. Preliminary research suggests that impacts from offshore wind farms on bird populations are small and not as pronounced as impacts from onshore wind farms.
  • Best practices during construction of wind farms can mitigate impacts. We are encouraged by the steps we’ve seen taken by U.S. offshore wind developers.