Sane Energy Art

Sane Energy Project is a leader in creating visuals for our movement. Ask anyone! We create large-scale art for the street and graphic design for media. Most importantly, we lead community art builds.

Why do we believe in art as an organizing tool?

Art speaks faster than words. Art is a way to quickly explain an often complicated story: what the issues and solutions are. It starts conversations, engages the public, and changes consensus.

Art builds community. We believe that not only is the outward-facing art itself important, but that facilitating the process of making art is an act of “in-reach” for activists. Coming together to MAKE art is a powerful shared experience; we facilitate art builds where it’s easy to meet new people, learn, discuss, relax and share stories. THAT builds the movement that changes the world.

Scroll down for a sampling of what our art builds look like and the finished results: 

kim riverside earthunspecified  earth riverside
Above: Art build for Earth Day with congregants at Riverside Church, NYC.

riverside procession



whole banner a   banner i




Above: Over the course of a weekend, dozens of advocates came together in Washington, DC to paint a 50-foot banner called “The United States of Fracking,” that has since traveled the country to be used at actions in each of the 38 states currently battling fracking and shale gas infrastructure.

 LITS art crew  LITS art 2Above: Community members in Long Beach, NY made giant North Atlantic Right Whales for a beach march to raise awareness of the danger of Port Ambrose LNG.

puppets banner




boat cr

wind 1



 12741892_1117627048271298_345387728391547893_n Sane Energy Project Photobooth at Loisaida Festival

Above: Action for Governor Cuomo to say NO to LNG and YES to Renewables!

BLOCKADIA - THE BEYOND EXTREME ENERGY ACTION in Washngton DC  Family AIM   Above: The Effigy series documenting families affected by pipelines.  

Welcome to BLOCKADIA! - The People's Puppets paint the town BLOCKADIA - THE BEYOND EXTREME ENERGY ACTION in Washngton DC Above: The tiny town of Blockadia used in front of FERC offices.

Hands Across the Sand 2015  Tell Governor Cuomo: Veto Port Ambrose!Above: Actions on the beach and in NYC to push Governor Cuomo to VETO Port Ambrose.

Additionally, we know getting the word OUT is a big part of all of our work. More people will read our message if it is designed with an attractive, eye-catching image. We have made hundred of flyers, postcards, and social media memes to promote events throughout the entire region. Here is a small sample:

REV banner WINWIND300px


Monopoly  CALL-CUOMO-pany


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