You Are Here


YOU ARE HERE is an interactive online map, created by  Sane Energy Project, in collaboration with the Fractracker Alliance and dozens of upstate allies. The map allows users to see the big picture of the shale gas network statewide, then zoom in on their own region, learn the current status of a project, and connect with the local group that is fighting it. The map shows hundreds of pipelines, compressor stations, frack waste or storage facilities that are proposed, under construction or already in operation in a comprehensive view that the fossil fuel industry does not provide to the public. By having this comprehensive information in one website, users can see how their local fracking project is connected to their neighbors and region. Visitors can also read the stories of others who are organizing around


click map image to link to the live map

Since the launch of the map during the People’s Climate March, in 2014, Sane Energy Project and allies have hosted dozens of forums statewide that use the map to demonstrate relevant local projects and spur citizen action. Email us if you would like to discuss hosting a forum:

Keep up with news about hearings, comment deadlines and other important notices on the YOU ARE HERE facebook page.

For fast reference, click the links for a summary of proposed and operational projects, including docket numbers, status and builder info.

Click here for info about the track records of major pipeline builders and the agencies responsible for their review.

Some of the stories you will read about on the You Are Here Storymap: