Get Your Rep Involved

Great, so you’ve already called Governor Cuomo to ask him to veto Port Ambrose* and now you want to know what else you can do! One of the best uses of your time would be to ask your elected representatives to take a stand. There are several ways they can help influence Governor Cuomo to veto this project. They can:

• Write a letter to the Governor (check here to see if they already did).
• Tell your rep about the NY City Council Resolution #549 asking Cuomo to veto Port Ambrose.
• Draft a town or county resolution against Port Ambrose.

Click here to find your Assembly Member.

Click here to find your State Senator.
 Click here to find your Long Island reps.

Click here to see examples of letters other politicians have already written.

Click here to thank the NY City Council Members who signed onto Resolution 549.

*Oh–you didn’t call Cuomo yet? Well here’s the number, please call now!
(518) 474-8390


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