Take Action!


Want to get involved?
There are many ways to fight back the fossil fuel beast, whether you have just a little time or can commit to more. Every action has a range of needed tasks, from filling out petitions to leafletting to joining a rally. And of course, donations (of time or money) are always helpful! Here’s a bunch of ways to jump in:

• Keep up: The latest news and events are at our facebook page.

• Join us: Sane Energy Project meets every other Tuesday night, here.

• Jump in: Urgent campaigns are at our Action Alerts page.

• Subscribe: Click the link in the right-hand column for our newsletter. 

• Host us: Would like us to come speak with your community or faith group? Email kim@saneenergyproject.org or patrick@saneenergyproject.org

• Is your building considering converting its boiler to gas?
Read this and email us if you’d like us to meet with your board.

• Are you involved in the growing or selling of food or food advocacy?
Please check out Food Not Fracking and join our alliance.

• Got an idea we should hear about?
Contact our team for a personal connection.
Thank you for your interest!


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