Action Alerts

Stop the AIM pipeline!

YES! We’re making great progress in the fight against fossil fuel infrastructure: Three major NYS projects are now dead as a result of after two years of focused, relentless organizing: Port Ambrose, the NED and Constitution pipelines.

We celebrate these latest wins but don’t forget our neighbors at risk. Dirty energy projects remain a threat to New York State, including multiple pipelines, storage caverns and power plants. Get an overview of the statewide infrastructure invasion with a look at our YOU ARE HERE map.

The AIM (Algonquin Incremental Market) pipeline and compressors have already been approved for construction and some tree clearing has begun. This is one of the more insane projects, passing within 100 feet of the Indian Point nuclear facility, with both projects doubling the risk of the other and both impacted by fault lines. Its proximity to local schools and homes is beyond reason: within 40 feet of houses. Should an accident occur, the entire tri-state metropolitan region is at risk. Please sign the pledge to resist. And join the 2-day action on May 21st and 23rd.

Jump in!

Actions are happening every week. Sign up for our twice-weekly newsletters at or check our events calender. Keep up with fast developing actions and news on facebook and twitter. We post a lot of info about renewable energy as well as fossil fuel news. Volunteer: Are you interested in leafletting, gathering signatures, hosting a screening or discussion, organizing an event? Get in touch and let us know: Short on time but want to help? Donations support printing and outreach costs are greatly appreciated! You can donate online using a credit card, or see instructions for donations by check. THANK YOU VERY MUCH!

Green Your Boiler

Help stop gas boiler conversions. Is your co-op, condo or landlord considering switching to a gas boiler? Give them a copy of our Boiler Report and ask them if they’re open to hearing about the disadvantages of switching. Sane Energy Project has been meeting with co-op boards, community groups, and block associations. We can explain the options and recommend engineers who offer renewable alternatives. Just drop us an email:

Engage Your Electeds

This is what Democracy looks like! Right now nothing is more important than an active public. We’ve heard it from public officials over and over again: A handwritten letter or phone call is the most effective way to communicate, and they take note when they hear about an issue multiple times. CALL. WRITE. If you are part of a community group, church, or block association, request a face-to-face meeting. Emails are helpful, but not as effective as calling or writing longhand. Here’s how to contact your representatives on any of the issues Sane Energy Project is engaged on:

Find your NY City Council Member:
New York City Council – All New York City Council Members

How to contact your state legislators:
Find your local Assembly Member here:
New York State Assembly – Member Section
Find your local State Senator here:
Contact the NY Senate | New York State Senate

How to contact your Federal Senators:
Gas-happy Senators Schumer and Gillabrand have taken hundreds of thousands of dollars in oil and gas money, and need to hear your displeasure about the way that influence has clouded their judgement. As a federal issue, they must hear from you about interstate pipelines and shale gas infrastructure projects.

Senator Chuck Schumer: (212) 486-4430 or email.
Senator Kirsten Gillabrand: (212) 688-6262 or email.