What Does an Art Museum Have to Do with the Spectra Pipeline?

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Late Tuesday night, a surprise art action took place at the site of the soon-to-open Whitney museum, bringing attention to the Spectra pipeline, the vault of which sits below the building’s cantilevered design. The action was organized by a collaborative of … Continue reading

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Sane’s Port Ambrose Power Point

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Here at Sane Energy Project, we feel strongly that offshore wind is what New York ought to be building right now, not short-sighted and damaging fossil fuel infrastructure that will impede the development of renewable energy. Here is the powerpoint … Continue reading

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Reportback: Port Ambrose City Hall Hearing

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What was it and what you missed: The hearing is a step along the process of bringing Resolution 549 to a floor vote with the entire City Council. The reso asks Governor Cuomo to veto Port Ambrose, and will be an … Continue reading

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Statement on the East Village Gas Explosion

Our heartfelt sympathies go out to anyone who has been impacted or injured because of yesterday’s explosion in the East Village. The accident was tragic, devastating–and entirely predictable. The unfortunate truth is that gas infrastructure is not safe. In 2014, there were at … Continue reading

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Turn Your City Council Rep onto Reso 549!

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Goal: 35 City Council votes for the Port Ambrose resolution! Chair of the Environmental Committee, Donovan Richards, has written an important resolution opposing Port Ambrose and calling on Governor Cuomo to veto it. The public hearing for this resolution will … Continue reading

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Biodiesel: The Best Option Available

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Related article here. Sane Energy Project has been a fan of biodiesel since the NYC local law that required buildings to stop burning heavy heating oils went into effect in 2011. That law, enacted by the Bloomberg administration, was the excuse to build out … Continue reading

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FERC and the Regulatory Trap

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By Citizen Sane (John Trallo) Reposted with permission  The oil and gas industry, as they work towards turning North America into a ‘third-world’ style extraction colony, is now in the process of expanding their pipeline infrastructure on an unprecedented scale. The agency that … Continue reading

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Sane Refutes Whitney Assertion Their Art is Safe.

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  On March 12, The Villager published an account that detailed some of the concerns raised about the imminent opening of the new Whitney Museum, which sits directly above the Spectra pipeline. Sane Energy’s response to the article refutes Spectra spokesperson Marylee Hanley’s … Continue reading

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Clock Stopped on Port Ambrose!

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In a letter dated March 17th, the US Coast Guard and MARAD stopped the clock on Port Ambrose, based on the following reasons: 1) The volume of dEIS comments to review (That’s because of what YOU did–62,000 comments!) 2) Analysis … Continue reading

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